In the last two weeks fears have been stoked about higher inflation. The CPI numbers for January showed that inflation has now exceeded the Federal Reserve's target. Rising inflation has a history of being a hindrance to stock market performance. Besides this, it will quite possibly force the Fed's hand into a greater number of interest rate hikes for this year. Taken together, these are negative scenarios for your retirement portfolio. This is why you need a gold IRA. The yellow metal typically moves inversely to stocks and provides a hedge in declining markets like you saw in late January and… Read More

Over the last few weeks, bond market watchers have been obsessed with the grinding higher of the rate for the 10 year Treasuries. Slowly but surely it has been making its way steadily closer to the three percent mark that many analysts fear will signal still more pain in stock markets. This could be a legitimate concern. What they should really be watching for though is the rise in the 30 year Treasuries. The two government securities have one thing in common. Both have marched a good 50 basis points higher this year so far. Yet the 30 year dated Treasuries… Read More

The last two weeks you have seen a massive spike in U.S. stocks' volatility as markets suffered a severe pullback. It finally surpassed correction territory last week. There are several reasons for this market route that has investors on edge. Inflation has returned to the U.S. once again and interest rates on Treasuries have been spiking to dangerous levels. It is a reminder of why you need to have gold in your retirement portfolio. Stocks and bonds rise and fall at the whims of the markets. Economic downturns threaten to derail them every few years. Gold is the ultimate store of… Read More

For months now you have heard rumblings about the possibility of a trade war between the United States and most likely China. On Friday one become a good deal more likely. The Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross stated that the United States may resort to quotas for steel and aluminum imports. This would also involve a minimum 24 percent tariff on a any steel imported from outside the country. This is the most striking example so far that the administration of President Donald Trump is getting serious about the promised protectionist policies. The Chinese were not at all happy about… Read More

This past Monday saw Italy's state-rescued bank (and oldest financial institution in the world) Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena report yet another loss for the the last quarter of 2017. The abysmal performance came from restructuring costs and weaker revenues. Despite the fact that Italy and the EU have poured massive rescue funds into the financial institution, it continues to sink. Monte Paschi is a sad representation of Italy, yet it is only one of the many problems the country suffers from these days. Elections in less than a month are expected to produce a hung parliament. The situation… Read More