These days there are so many important referendums going on in the world that it is hard to know which ones you should pay attention to when you are attempting to protect your retirement portfolios. Today the Kurds are voting on their independence from Iraq in a move that could destabilize half the Middle East. One referendum that you may not be paying close enough attention to right now is the Catalan referendum on independence which the citizens of Barcelona, Spain are preparing to hold in direct violation of the Spanish government, national law, and the country's courts. This virtual… Read More

Several weeks ago we told you here about the "Ex Parte" seizure of bank account assets that banks are already doing at the encouragement of their respective national governments in Europe and around the world. This means that without providing you with any advance warning, they basically engage in a Cyprus-styled bail in of the failing banking system by seizing all account assets over a set amount, in that case over 100,000 euros per account. Today we look at the next logical step in the progression of government-induced banking theft. This is the war on safety deposit boxes. Today's safet… Read More

This coming week's United Nations annual meeting of the General Assembly in New York City leaves many leaders longing for the days when the U.N. could actually do something effective about the host of problems now confronting the world in general. Sadly as they gather for their annual week of speeches and posturing, this could not be farther from the truth this time around. American President Donald Trump will take the stage for his first time this week and plead with the other nations to more effectively confront the nuclear program of North Korean madman Kim John Um, Iran's renewed… Read More

For years Bitcoin and other digital currency enthusiasts have been crowing about the fact that no central government had effective jurisdiction over the future direction of money nor could stop the meteoric rise of the various cryptocurrencies. This past week, that long-standing and -held premise suffered a heavy direct blow¬†as the government of China attacked the kingpin of the space¬†Bitcoin directly. Whether or not you have prepared your retirement portfolio for the monetary transition to cryptocurrencies yet, this directly impacts the value of your retirement portfolio. In recent years, Bitcoin especially has stolen some of gold's thunder in attracting much… Read More

Every now and again you hear rumblings from one of the EU countries that they may hold another "Brexit" styled referendum to leave the now-27 nation block. The Netherlands, France, and Denmark have all been tipped as potential spoilers for the existing arrangement which the European leaders are fond of reminding us that they worked so hard to institute over the past five decades. Yet the truth is that the country which is most Euro-skeptic is none of these, nor even Great Britain. It is the Czech Republic. In the 13 years since the Czechs joined the European Union, they… Read More